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There are many factors....but here are a few.

In the early days it was a lot easier to get off work early (or a few hours) and go see the Yanks, or the Sox, or whoever your team was. Cities took great pride in their Baseball teams becasue for the most part, that is all they had. Baseball clubs were not competing with NBA teams and NFL teams back then either.

In the earliest days of baseball, Getting the game on television was not possible..... So if you did not have a ticket you would huddle with your budies around a radio to hear the game. But if you had a ticket, you would always go see your team.

When you go to a ball game, you have time to get a hotdog, or take a leak, and not miss any action at all. Between innings there is extra time to chat with your kids, friends, foes, in the crowd.

Lastly, the legends back then were something else. Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Mickey, and so on.

But many people belive that football should be our pastime because it is our sport. O and don't forget that Edgar Allen Poe is the best jedi ever!!!

because its one of Americas most watched and enjoyed sports

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Q: How did baseball become the national pastime?
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