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French and English are the two recognized Olympic languages and it is tradition that the announcements are made in French first, and then English

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Q: Why is the olympic ceremony announcement spoken French?
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Why is french spoken at the opening ceremony of the Olympics?

french is spoken at the modern olympics because the person that started them was french.

Why is french spoken at the Olympic?

The Olympic charter of the International Olympics Committee (IOC) specify that French and English are the official languages so both are used.

Why is the announcements at the Olympic games spoken first in French and then English?

Because it is a French man who invented the modern Olympic Games. The baron Pierre de Coubertin.

What is the official language of the Olympic Games?

The official languages of the Olympic Games are English and French. Every proclamation, such as the announcements during the opening parade, are spoken in three languages: English, French, and the language of the host country. However, if the Olympics are held in an English-speaking or French-speaking country, such as the United States or France, then the proclamations are only spoken in English and French.

What are the two official languages of the Olympic Games and why?

French and English. French because the games were founded by a Frenchman and is widely spoken around the world because of French colonisation and English for similar reasons-widely spoken or at least understood around the world.

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French is not spoken in Cuba.

Where in north America is french spoken?

French is spoken in Canada.

Where is french widely spoken?

French is most widely spoken in France

Where is french not spoken continent?

French is spoken on all continents except Australia.

What is the difference between'' notice'' and ''announcement''?

A notice is a warning made in advance of an event to allow preparations to be made. An announcement is a formal statement about a pending event or situation.

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