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The ball is usually not passed to the first baseman because a first baseman is involved in many plays. It's an old tradition that's still in use.

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Q: Why is the baseball tossed around the infield but not to the first baseman after an infield out?
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Why is the baseball tossed around the infield by the players after an infield out?

Fielding practice, I believe. Also, possibly, a way of showing off a little for the fans. I believe that it's an age old tradition meant to keep the fielders' arms warm during the middle of the game.

What does PA mean in baseball?

It stands for Putout Assists. In other words, when a player assists in a putout (IE: shortstop tossed ball to second baseman for a force out) he gets a PA.Plate Appearances which is the total number of times a batter completed an at bat.

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Tossed and checked for flaws

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Why is a baseball thrown by the pitcher into the dirt thrown out but one hit on the ground in the infield kept in the game?

I think either ball is tossed out, if there is a mark noticed on the ball. You will see the defensive team do this, b/c any mark on the ball enhances the batters ability to see the ball rotation on the pitch, thereby allowing him to effectively anticipate what movement the ball will make.

In 1979 in op ks Rodney lange is killed playing little league baseball?

Yes, Rodney Lange was a 15 year old 2nd baseman playing in the old 3&2 league when he was killed in a freak accident. Ball was hit between first and second base and was scooped up by first baseman. Ball was tossed low and the runners knee smahed into Rodney's temple as he tried to cover first base. He died a few days later of traumatic brain injury

Why does the ball get handed to the umpire when it hits the dirt at homebase and not when the ball gets hit and hits the dirt in the infield?

The ball gets handed to the umpire once it hits the dirt and not in the instance of the baseball hitting the dirt in the field is up to the Home Plate Umpire's discretion however Pitchers have the rights to request a new baseball provided it becomes too dirty to get a grip on. Pitchers will like the dirt on the ball because it will be able to move more however the opposing team and Umpires will find this an unfair advantage which is the reason in which baseballs will usually be tossed out of play to the umpire but it doesn't always happen in the event of a batted ball hitting the infield dirt.

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