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cuz they

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Q: Why have some countries hosted the Olympics more than once?
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Did Beijing hosted the Olympics more than once?


How many times has russia hosted the Olympics?

Once. Moscow hosted the 1980 Summer Olympics.

Was there been a country that has held the Olympics twice?

Yes Nations that have hosted (or will have hosted) the Olympics more than once include:United StatesGermanyCanadaGreat BritainJapanRussia (USSR)AustriaFranceSouth KoreaNorwayGreeceItalyAustraliaSwitzerland

What city in England has hosted the olympics games more than once?

In 2012, London will have hosted the Olympic Games 3 times.

Which Olympics have hosted in Canada?

Canada has hosted the Winter Olympics twice, in Calgary and Vancouver, in 1988 and 2010 respectively. It has hosted the Summer Olympics once in the 1976 Montreal games.

How many times has Atlanta hosted the Olympics?

Once, the 1996 Summer Olympics.

What German city has held the Olympics more than once?

No German city has hosted the Olympics more than once. Berlin hosted the Summer Games in 1936, Garmisch-Partenkirhen hosted the Winter Games in 1936, and Munich hosted the Summer Games in 1972. Berlin was scheduled to host the 1916 Games but they were cancelled due to World War I.

Which four countries have hosted the FIFA World Cup more than once?

Germany, Italy, France and Mexico have hosted the FIFA World Cup more than once.

How many times has China hosted the Olympics?

Once in 2008.

How many times have russia hosted the summer Olympics?

Once in 1980.

How many Summer Olympics has Canada hosted?

Once and it was in 1976 in Montreal.

Which US cities hosted the Olympics more than once?

Los Angeles hosted the Summer Games twice (1932, 1984) and Lake Placid hosted the Winter Games twice (1932, 1980).

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