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Usually because they can't find a girls' team of that sport in the area.

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Q: Why do you think girls play on guy's sports teams?
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What do guys think of?

I think guys think about sex,girls,sports,and money.

Why is girls sports not as advertise than guy sports?

Guys sports have been around longer than girls sports and some people think that girls shouldnt play sports. there really is no reason some people think it has to do with the fact the guys are more competitive than girls so its more intersting

Do guys like girls who are really good in sports?

All guys have different tastes when it comes to girls, but I would say that there are guys that do like girls that are good at sports.

Can a girl play soccer too?

Yes! Girls can play just about any sports guys can play. (Football is a little different- there are no professional girls football teams).

Do guys have something against girls that can't play sports very well?

Well, some guys do, and most of those are egomaniacs. I think that if they are any kind of human being they will accept you for trying your hardest. I actually think that some guys that are not good at sports just hate girls who aren't because they are insecure.

What do guys like to talk about?

sports and girls

Can guys play on girls high school volleyball teams?

No because guys have more strength in throwing but girls have strength but not as much as guys

Why do guys think about guys?

The same reason guys think about girls.

Why do you think girls and guys shouldn't play on the same sports teams up till age 16. detailed answers please explaining why?

there very weak and just suck at sports ex. CAROL YAKO SUCKS AT EVRYTHING there very weak and just suck at sports ex. CAROL YAKO SUCKS AT EVRYTHING

Why do guys care so much about sports girls are just as competitive?

guys just are always around sports and are taught to like them girls can like them if they want ---- some guys all guys think they are better at sports than girls are, but it's not true. girls are sometimes usully better athletes, but it is hard for boys to accept that. i know lots of copetitive girls (there's nothing wrong with that!) just like there's nothing wrong with boys playing the flute, for example. some people are just so prejudiced and they dont think people can do things that weren't "meant" for them. it makes me mad!! >:(

Do guys like girls who don't do sports?

well i do sports and my husband loves that i am healthy and do sports!

What sports can girls play with out guys?

Volleyball, lacrosse, basketball, softball, field hockey, hockey, and barrel racing are all sports girls can participate in without guys.