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to know about what to do in certain types like health and saftey, tactics and the rules for new members

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Q: Why do you need good knowledge to be a sports leader?
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Why does a sports leader need to be good at organising?

They need to be good at organising because then they can decide who is better in a position.

What qualities would you need to be a successful captain of a sports team?

Sportsmanship,leader,have to be good,respect teammates

What makes a good sports leader?

What makes a Good sports leader? Well, firstly you need to concentrate in physical education class. Thgis way, you can get good GCSE Grades to be able to work with others in sport. You would need correct, suitable uniform including shorts in summer, jogging bottoms in winder, suitable footwear (trainers), with a suitable top. Girls hair would need to be up at all times, and you should provide spare hairbands to those who need them. Being a sports leader involves being like a normal PE Teacher. You will need to be able to work with all aged people. You will need to create a lesson plan as to what you will be doing that lesson. I hope this information is good for you, And i hope you all can become a great Sports Leader.

Why does a sports leader need enthusiasm?

A sports leader is perceived as a "Guro" in his field. As a leader, you have to put your passion towards anything you do. By doing this, you create a true relationship with your followers. Leaders are normally very good at what they do, and so without enthusiasm, it is unlikely they can be exceptional and guide others.

What type of experience do you need to be a sports photogropher?

You need to have a good life in phototagrapy and you need to like sports

What qualifications do you need to become a sports journalist?

well you need to be a good writer and to no a lot about sports

Why do we need new knowledge?

For the good of mankind

What qualities does a sports leader need to have?

An effective sports leader should be positive and uplifting, however, the leader can not be afraid to be tough on his/her teammates when necessary. The leader should also be morally and ethically sound as far as off the field activities, and on the field conduct.

What skills do you need to be a sports leader?

confident, determination, courage, and respectWell I myself was I vice-captain of Netball. The other girls were jelish because I was jumping around saying OMG I am vice-captain. You can do that to but don't do it over and over again. You don't really need skills to be a successful sports leader, all you have to do is know your part very well and do it well and act like a sports leader. Even though i wasn't captain i still coach the girls on, on the side-line. So hopefully that will make you a better sports leader. Good luck!

Do you need good grades to play sports?

It's a good idea.

What kind of knowledge do social worker need?

They need to have good people and communication skills.

Why do you need sport?

You need sports to stay fit and to keep your heart in good shape

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