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We practice sports so we can improve our skills, and ultimately have more fun on the field.

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Q: Why do we practice sports?
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How does participation in sports make you a healthier person?

It makes you healthier because when you practice you are getting exercise.

How did the trampoline change the world?

The trampoline allowed many different types of sports participants to practice jumps and leaps. It helped divers practice their technique. It is also useful for those practicing gymnastics.

What is the nature of individual sports?

the nature of individual sports is to teach self confidence and originality. Of course there is a team that you practice with, but when its show time, its only you. it also teaches you self trust. the nature of it all really is to be independent and make your own desicions.

Is playing marble a sport?

Some people will say it is not a sport but a child's game but I believe it is a sport. It involves manual dexterity and practice to be proficient at it just like other sports. Also, periodically, National Marbles Champions have been featured in Sports Illistrated.

How does school sports help you stay fit and healthy?

For the most part, school sports keep kids and teens in shape. As kids get older, sports become more and more competitive. Teams are better and kids get bigger and stronger. For high school and college sports, the sports programs are taken pretty seriously. In order to make these teams, kids and teens have to be in good physical shape. There is a lot of conditioning involved in almost every sport whether it is golf or football. Any high school or college sport requires athletes to be in shape. Also once one is on a sports team, there is usually a good amount of conditioning involved. A lot of sports team hit the weight room and the track to build up strength and endurance. Also these teams usually practice everyday except for Sunday or course. So with practice everyday, including conditioning, school sports help you stay fit and healthy.

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