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because you do more running in some sports than others

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2009-03-03 16:35:10
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Q: Why do some sports use more energy than others?
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Why do some sports receive more media coverage then others?

Some sports receive more media than other sports because they are more popular and have a larger fan base.

Why do some sports drinks have more electrolytes than others?


Why are some people better at some sports than others?

Some people are better in sports than others because they have practice more than them. Or, the answer could also be that it could be the most popular sport in the province or country.

Why is sports are not that developed in certain countries?

because some sports are world wide (more popular than others) Nunzia Fiume

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Some places have more constant winds than others.

Why would some people store more energy than others?

because some have bought more body storage contains for their energy's ferraris.

Why do some foods give out more energy than others?

It depends on what the food has in it.

What percentage of professional athletes are black?

from 35-40% it some sports have more than others also.

Do guys like girls that outplay them in sports?

Some do, but others are more competitive because they feel threatened.

Why are some chemical bonds more stable that others?

it occurs when the energy of the combination has lower energy than theseparatedatoms.

Why do some sports receive more media coverage than others?

Because some sports are more exiting and interesting than others and some sports like basketball and football have amazing athletes that can do things that almost no athletes in any other sports can do so people want to see that and the media wants viewers and they're not going to get viewers if they're always covering the WNBA and badminton.

What are some unpopular sports?

Some of the unpopular sports are polo volly ball jump rope and some others

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