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they have money in buying wat they will need

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What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: Why do richer coutries win more medals in the Olympics?
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How many Olympic medals has Bode Miller won?

Bode Miller has won 5 medals in The Winter Olympics, more than any other American. He has won three silvers, one bronze and one gold. In the World Championships he has also won five medals, this time getting four golds.

Are there more events in the Summer Olympics or the Winter Olympics?

The Summer Olympics has more events.

Does the summer or winter Olympics have more events?

Spring Olympics

Why powerlifting not in Olympics?

Because Olympic Lifting (i.e. Snatch and C+J) are considered the lifting events of the Olympics. This can be considered unfair because swimming events in the Olympics can give out to 102 medals (34 of which are gold). Why not have more medals given for for lifting events? Especially that Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting are very different. A problem with Powerlifting being put into the Olympics would be the rules of competeing. Would gear be allowed? What kind of gear? How will each lift be judged? There are many Powerlifting federations all with their own unique set of guidelines. It would be hard to come up with guidelines that would make everyone happy. Also, Powerlifting is an event in the Paralympics.

What country is the most athletic?

Normally, the USA wins or china does these days. However percentage wise, Australia is the most atheltic. Theres another question on this somewhere on here which proves that. Overall, Kenya will be the country to be honoured given its ability to donate/sell/lose athletes to countries of the world such as USA, Qatar, among others and still scopes many medals in world athletic championships, Olympics and don't even mention marathons and cross-coutries. However, this might even be exaggerated when you focus more on middle and long distance races.

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Who won 8 gold medals at the 2008 summer olympics?

puerto rico won 8 and more medals in the 2008 olympics

Who won 8 gold medals at 2008 summer Olympics?

Puerto Rico won 8 and more medals in the 2008 Olympics

Why do richer countries win more medals at the Olympic games than poorer ones?

The richer countries have better sporting programs.

Which nations won no medals in the 2012 Olympics?

More than half won no medals

Did china win more gold medals in 2008 Olympics?

yes, china won the highest no of gold medals (51) in 2008 Olympics

What is the difference between a career gold medal and a gold medal at the Olympics?

Gold medals awarded at the Olympics can only be won at the Olympics. But, there are different competitions throughout the years leading up to the Olympics where medals are awarded as well. That's how someone can have more career gold medals than Olympic gold medals.

Who got more gold medals in Olympics in the world?

Mickel Phelip

Who has won more than ten medals in the Olympics?

Michael Phelps

Which sport did England win the most medals at the 2008 Olympics?

Great Britain won more medals in cycling.

Did china win the 2008 Olympics?

China received the most gold medals at the 2008 Olympics, but not the most total medals. When a country hosts the Olympics, they have a chance to receive more medals (especially gold) as they qualify for more competitions. This helped China beat the US in the largest number of gold medals, but the US still pulled out with the most total medals. I only say this because the US almost always receives the most gold medals of any country at the Olympics. It also depends on if you decide who "wins" the Olympics by the number of total medals or the number of gold only.

What country won the most medals at the last Summer Olympics?

the united states have won more medals at the summer and winter Olympics than any other country to take place in the summer and winter Olympics.

How many gold medals does US have?

USA has won 19 medals so far in the Summer Olympics of 2012. They are definitely expected to win more. By the end of the Olympics, Michael Phelps is able to win 22 medals. We are going to win at least a couple more medals before it is all over. (:

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