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At some schools they allow it such as Basketball, volleyball etc. In 7th grade most schools start sports there.

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Q: Why can't sixth graders play school sports?
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Why cant 6th graders play sports?

6th graders can play sports wait what school

Why can't sixth graders in the Jersey Shore Middle School participate in Middle School sports?

well my school is k-4 5&6 7&8 9-12 but at my school 6th grades cant play sports either but most schools don't have 6th graders do sports

Why cant sxith graders play sports agnist 6th graders from different schools in the county?

Well it usually depends on the school you go to. Because I know that my high school played football against another high school from a different state. Plus, usuallly middle schools don't play against different middle schools from out of their county. Maybe you should ask your coach about that..

When is state test for sixth graders?

near the middle of the school year!! and then you get finals at the end of the year!! finals can only boost up your grade and it cant lower it say you get a d in a class and you do very well in the finals you can get a c passing grade for 7th

How do you get picked to be sixth grade president?

Well this is just my school but 6th graders cant run, only this group called leadership but if at your school 6th grade can run just do the samme things the 7th and 8th graders do,also if you are afriad to be in front of alot of poeple i sugguest you dont run just s you can keep the humiliation inside and not bring it out.Anyway the way you get picked to be pres. is to have lots of poeple vote for you

Why cant 6th graders play football?

6th graders can play football they can play whatever sport they want to.

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You cant get Wii Points on Wii Sports

Why cant girls play pro sports?

They can and do.

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it can tell you things about sports but it cant tell you how to play a sport

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