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to promote fairness to all countries

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Q: Why are the Olympics held in a different country each time?
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Why were the Olympics held in different places?

The olympics are held in different places to give each country a chance to shine their cultural colors, the are chosen by each country voting what country should present the olympics first.

Why do Olympics get held at different locations?

So they can compete in different places each time

Why are the London 2012 Olympics held?

Olympics were held so different country's could form friendships but as life got on Olympics just became sport and entertainment.

Why is the Olympics held in different places?

If all of the countries all over the world compete in the Olympics, why should they be held in only one country? And how would they agree on which country to hold them in?

What country did the modern Olympics begin?

The first modern Olympics was held in 1896 in Greece, the country where the ancient Olympics were held.

What country held the the summer Olympics?

The 1960 Summer Olympics was held in Rome.

What country held the 1960 Olympics?

The 1960 Summer Olympics was held in Rome.

In which country were the ancient Olympics held?

The Ancient Olympics were held in Olympia, Greece. Modern Olympics are held in various areas.

Why were the 1972 summer Olympics held in Germany?

The reason the Olympics were held in Germany was because the Olympic Commity wants to let each country have a chance to hold the Olympics. By the way i think that the Olympics were held in Munich, Germany in the early 2000's. Dock

Which country was the 1976 Olympics held?

it was held in kourosh

What city and country is the 2012 Olympics held?

The 2012 Olympics will be held in London, England.

What country held 1896 summer Olympics?

Greece held the inaugural Olympics in 1896.

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