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International Olympic Comittee

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Q: Who organizes the Olympics?
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Who runs and organizes the Olympics?

bob frank steve and sam

Who is the man who organizes the modern Olympics?

Austin Cooper. (born 1960)

Who organises the Olympics?

There is an International Olympic Committee that chooses a city to host the upcoming games. The city that is hosting the next games, organizes it.

How are the Olympics organized?

The governing body of the Olympics is the International Olympic Committee. The various sports are governed by their individual international federations. After winning a bid to host an Olympics, the host city organizes the various events through a local organizing committee. The Olympics are funded by ticket revenue, government and private donations, media rights revenue and merchandising.

Who orgaises the Olympics?

The "International Olympic Committee" (IOC) organizes the modern Olympic Games and the Youth Olympic Games, held in Summer and Winter, every four years.

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Who organizes the Olympic Games?

IOC (International Olympic Committee) organizes the Olympic Games

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