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Ilona Schoknecht-Slupianek GDR in 1980, with 22.41 meters at the Moscow Olympics

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Q: Who is the womens olympic record holder for shot put?
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Who is the current Olympic record holder for shot put for men?


What is the current olympic record holder for women shot putt?

Ilona Slupianek 22.41 meters.

Who holds the Olympic record for womens shot put?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, the women's Olympic record in shot put is 22.41 meters (73 feet, 6 1/4 inches) by Ilona Slupianek of East Germany at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.

Who is the record holder shot put for female?

The female record holder is Natalya Losovskaya throwing 22.63 Meters

Who is the world record holder for shot put 2012?

The world record holder for shot put in 2012 is Litia Pitt from Russia. She threw the shot put 12.29 metres... Sadly not world record. Posted by Jacque Goodwin.

Who holds the Womens shot put world record?

Natalia Lisovskaya

Who is the world record holder for men in shot put?

usain bolt

Who is the female record holder for shot putt?

The world record holder is Natalya Lisovskaya of the former Soviet Union who put the shot 22.63 meters (74 feet, 3 inches) in 1987.

Who is the Olympic record holders for the men Shot Putt?

Rickie Fowler with a record throw of 2.3 meters

Who is the world record holder for women in shot put?

Natalya Lisovskaya 22.63 meters.

Who is the women's world record holder for longest shot put?

the world richest footballer

Who holds the American record in shot put?

The men's American record holder and world record holder is Randy Barnes who threw the shot 23.12 meters (75 feet, 10 1/4 inches) in 1990. The women's American record holder is Ramona Pagel who threw 20.18 meters (66 feet, 2 1/2 inches) in 1988.

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