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The top payed sports player is a woman tennis player that is Maria Sharapova

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Q: Who is the top paid sports player?
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Top 10 hightest paid sports in the world?

Sports are not really as top as they are progressing

Who is the highest paid sports player?

Tiger woods

What are the top paid professional sports?

Baseball, football and basketball

List of the top 50 all-time highest earning sports persons?

Beckham is a soccer player; definitely in the top 50 highest paid athletes of all-time.

Was Derek Sanderson once the highest paid player in sports?


Top paid sports?

foot ball,basketball,hockey, golf

Top most paid sports in the world?

i think it's golf.

How much does a sports columnist get paid?

About $35,000. Some of the top sports columnists can get paid about half a million a year, but that's a very few number of people.

Highest paid player in all sports?

i will think that it is alex rodriguez.

Who is the highest paid player in all professional sports?

Tiger Woods

Who is the highest paid player in sports?

Tiger Woods 80.3million dollars

Who are the top ten highest paid British sports stars?

throw ball