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the person who broke the window with it

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Q: Who is responsible if a baseball breaks a car window?
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If someone was driving your car and got a ticket for the window tint who is responsible?

the owner of the car is responsible.

If you are mowing your lawn and the mower hits a rock that breaks a window of a passing vehicle who is responsible for the damage?

If you were driving the car, who would you think is responsible? Your mower threw a rock that broke an innocent driver's windshield. Of course you are responsible! Be a man, accept that responsibility, and fix the car!

Who is responsible for a car hit by a foul baseball?

The baseball

Is running over a new baseball glove with a car bad?

If there is a ball in it it breaks the glove in

Is the dealership responsible if a used car breaks down within a week of purchase?

No. Some dealerships may help. But are not required to.

Who is responsible when a baseball hits a parked car?

Whoever threw the ball and caused the damage would be the responsible party.

I took over pmts. for a friend if car breaks down who's responsible?

should be yours since your making the payments now. you assumed responsibilty for the car when doing so.

If your car is damaged by a baseball at a little league game who is responsible?

The kid who hit the ball.

What does it mean to have a ladybird on your car window?

It means you have a ladybird on your car window.

When your glass window falls and breaks in the door what is the problem?

You Have Either Shut Your Car Door To Hard, Or You Have Been Broken Into. But To Be Honest It Sounds Like The Seals Have Gone.

Who is responsible when a car owner damages his own garage with his car?

The car owner is responsible.

Samuel Beatrice and Kadeem all work at the same car manufacturing company. Samuel is responsible for placing the windows on the doors Beatrice is responsible for attaching the door and window openers?

division of labor (apex)

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