Who is mark spits?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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he won 7 olympic metals for swimming he won 7 olympic metals for swimming

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Q: Who is mark spits?
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When did mark spits die?

Mark Spits is alive!

What year did Michael Phelps beat mark spits medal record?

Michael Phelps bet Mark Spits at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

What is mark spitz net worth?

yes mark spits was the man who had 7 gold metals

How did Michael Phelps break the world record of mark spits?

By swimming faster.

What two-time olympic gold medalist was the first athlete to appear on a box of wheaties cereal?

mark spits

Michael Phelps is predicted to win how many gold medals at the 2008 Summer Games?

8, that's how he beat Mark Spits

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