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Jon Rauch of the Arizona Diamondbacks is the tallest player in Baseball history. He is 6'11" (2.11 m).

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Q: Who is currently the tallest player in baseball?
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Who is arsenal's current tallest player?

Currently, Arsenal's tallest player is Nicklas Bendtner.

Who is the tallest basketball player?

The Tallest Player ever was Gheorghe Muresan who was 7'7" (2.31m) The Tallest Player currently is Manute Bol who is also 7'7" (2.31m)

Is yao ming the tallest person on earth?

He is only the tallest player the NBA (currently).

Who is the tallest player on the Detroit Tigers?

Currently, pitcher Doug Fister is the tallest player on the Detroit Tigers, at 6' 8".

Who are the tallest basketballers?

Currently, the tallest player is NBA player Yao Ming. He plays for the Houston Rockets, and towers at 7' 6".

Who is the tallest Baltimore Ravens football player currently?

Joe Flacco

Who is the tallest player currently on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Currently, tackle Max Starks and tight end Leonard Pope are the tallest Steelers players at 6' 8".

Who is the Tallest Irish rugby player ever?

The tallest Irish rugby Irish player ever is current rugby player Devin Toner. He stands at 6' 11' tall, which is currently the tallest record in rugby.

Who is the tallest sixers player currently?

Jason Smith at 7 feet even.

Who is the tallest player in Major League Baseball?

Jon Rauch of the USA is the tallest in the Major League Baseball from the Minnesota Twins.

Who is the tallest player in NHL currently?

Zdeno Chara, the current captain of the Boston Bruins, is 6 feet 9 inches tall. He is the tallest player in the history of the league.

Who is the tallest basketball player in the NBA?

The tallest basketball player currently playing in the NBA is Hasheem Thabeet and he is 7 ft 3 inches tall. The tallest ever player was Gheorghe Muresan who stood at 7 ft 7 inches.

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