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Walter Payton has more rushing yards then Barry Sanders and Barry Sanders have the prettiest dang yards ever gained. All in all. Barry Sanders was the second best RB in the world according to stats. But Walter Payton was better.

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โˆ™ 2010-05-22 23:01:49
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Q: Who is better Walter Payton or Barry Sanders?
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Who a better running back between barry sanders and Walter payton?

Stats show that Walter Payton is better but people will tell you Barry Sanders is the most famous

Is Walter Payton better than Barry Sanders?

Walter Payton was faster and had more rushing yards and more touchdowns, but Barry Sanders was more elusive. I have to give this one to Walter Payton.

You Walter Payton and barry sanders running backs?

yes Walter Payton played for the bears Barry sanders played for lions.

Who is the fastest runningback ever?

Walter payton and barry sanders

Who is the best running back in the world?

Barry Sanders or Walter Payton.

Who is the best runningback ever?

Barry Sanders Walter Payton Has the second most yards While emmit smith had the most but Walter had a longer and more successfull career

Who are the greatest football players in the US?

Micheal Strahan, Jerry Rice, Roger Staubauch, Ray Lewis, Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, Larry Czonka

How many 100 yard rushing games did Barry Sanders have?

Over his professional football career, Barry Sanders rushed for at least 100 yards in 76 games, just short of Walter Payton's 77 games and Emmitt Smith's 78 games.

Who is the best fullback ever?

Some say Jim Brown. Others say Walter Payton. Still others say Barry Sanders. And the list of the potential "best" goes on and on.

Who was The Nfl's Best Player Ever?

Brett favre, jerry rice, barry sanders. Bart star, tittle, payton manning, tom brady, Johnny Unitis, Jim Thorpe, Walter Payton, Jim Brown, Jack Lambert

Who is better Barry Sanders or Reggie bush?

of course barry

Who are your ten best NFL running backs ever?

1. Barry Sanders 2. Jim Brown 3. Walter Payton 4. Emmitt Smith 5. Eric Dickerson

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