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Brian Zamora

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Q: Who has the least amount of strikeouts in baseball history?
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Who has the least amount of strikeouts with over 400 career home runs?

Albert Pujols with 704 strikeouts and 445 HRs through the 2011 season.

What batter holds the record for the least strikeouts in a season?

derek jeter

Who has hit the least amount of home runs in the Major League Baseball?

Ernie White He hit 144 home runs in mlb history.

What is Run differential in baseball?

The leading amount of runs minus the least amount

What baseball team has the least amount of fans?

the Montreal Expos

What is the record for most consecutive game with at least one strikeout for a batter?

batter with the most strikeouts

How much would a baseball signed by hadiki kasuki cost in 2004?

At the least amount 6,000 for the baseball

Which team has the least amount of rainouts in major league baseball?

LA Dodgers

Is there any history about Ireland?

People have been living in Ireland for at least 8000 years. So there is a huge amount of history about Ireland.

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What pitcher holds the lifetime record for average number of strikeouts per game?

For the stat "Strikeouts per 9 Innings" for pitchers that have pitched at least 1000 innings the all time leader, through games played on September 22, 2009 is Randy Johnson with 10.61 strikeouts per 9 innings pitched (4872 strikeouts in 4132 1/3 innings pitched).Second all time is Kerry Wood with 10.39 strikeouts per 9 innings pitched (1466 strikeouts in 1270 1/3 innings pitched) and third is Pedro Martinez with 10.05 strikeouts per 9 innings pitched (3152 strikeouts in 2823 1/3 innings pitched).

What baseball player earned his 3000 hits in the least amount of plate appearances?

Derek Jeter

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