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The referees.

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Q: Who controls the whole football game?
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Who controls the whole game in football?

The referees.

What nickname has been given to Deco for the way he controls a football game?

"Magico" and "SuperDeco"

Name the person that controls a football match?

A referee usually controls a football match

How do you play Mario strikers charged football?

With the Wii remote. For all controls, check out the booklet that comes with the game.

Why is stamina needed in a football match?

Simple...... to last the whole 90 minutes of a game.

A sentence for th word avid?

the avid football fan cheered throughout the whole game.

Does the whole football team get the trophy?

no only the most improved and the mvp for the year or game etc


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How many minutes are the quarters in football?

15 minutes for each quarter. 60 minutes for the whole game.

What part of the brain controls the nervous system?

the whole brain controls the whole nervous system.

Who is the person who controls the chess game?

The arbiter controls the chess game in tournaments.

What fraction of America plays soccer?

VERY LITTLE !!!!!!! STUPID PEOPLE don't understand that FOOTBALL ( soccer ) is the best game in the whole world. and whole world plays it. They play stupid American football and baseball, lamest two games in the whole world !