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the 05 red sox, with 14

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Q: Which team as the most RBIs in one inning?
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What is an unanswered run in baseball?

The term 'unanswered run' means one team scored and the other team has not scored any runs afterwards. For example, let's say the home team scored one run in the second inning, two runs in the third inning, and one run in the fourth inning while the visiting team has been held scoreless after scoring one run in the first inning. You might hear an announcer say "The home team has scored four unanswered runs after the visiting team scored in the first inning'.

How many endings are there in a baseball game?

A baseball game can end when: # The home team scores the go ahead run in the ninth inning or later # The team with the lead records the third out in the ninth inning or later # The umpires decide to call the game on account of rain after at least 5 innings (four and a half if the home team is winning), one team has the lead, and the visiting team didn't take the lead in the top of an inning that wasn't completed.

What is the team name of Dallas' baseball team?

they don't have one but they have a football team and a basketball team

How does a tie baseball game end?

Under normal circumstances, there are no ties in baseball. if the score is tied after a full 9 innings, then the game will continue until a team scores a run and that inning is completed. innings beyond the 9th inning are known as "extra innings" (there is no term "overtime" in baseball). if it's the visting team that scores, then the home team will get one last at bat to try and tie or win the game. if it's the home team that scores, then the game is automatically over, the home team is the winner and it's known as a "walk off". the only games that can end in a tie are pre-season games, in 2002 the all-star game ended in a tie in the 11th inning (due to the commissioner of baseball declaring a tie after all the pitchers had been used).

Which has more benefits team sports or individual sports?

I know team sports because you are seen worldwide. Hard to decide as some people prefer to do things their own way and dont contribute to teams mucch'.. Team sports are much better but with most team sports there is one player that is a superstar on the team so you just have to watch out for that.

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Most runs scored by a baseball player in one inning?

Fernando Tatis hit 2 grand slams in the same inning for the St. Louis Cardinals so 8 is the most RBIs in one inning by a single player. At least as of 10/12/10

What is the most walks by a team in one inning?


Who holds the sf giants record for most rbis in an inning?

Juan Uribe had 6 RBI's in one inning with the San Francisco Giants. He hit a two run home run, and a grand slam in the second inning of a game against the Chicago Cubs.

Who has the most RBIs in one game by a Phillie?

Robert person pitcher 11

What team holds the record for most errors in one inning?

Pittsburgh pirates

What MLB team won the most extra inning games on the road in one season?


What is the most runs scored in one inning by an MLB team in 2012?

i believe it was the cardinals the other day who scored 9 in the 7t inning

Who holds the MLB record for the most RBIs in one inning?

David ortiz is this the correct answer? how many rbi's did david ortiz have in one inning and when did he do it? the only reason i ask is because i remember fernando tatis having 2 grand slams in one inning (he hit both off chan ho park) in 1999. that would give him 8 rbi's for the inning. i don't remember when ortiz had more, but i could be wrong....

Does a baseball hitter who hits a home run and brings in another player on base get credit for one or two RBIs?

The player that hit the home run would be credited with two RBIs. A player that hits a home run gets credited with an RBI for every run that scores because of the home run. If no one is one base, it is one RBI. If one is on base, two RBIs. If two are on base, three RBIs. If the bases are loaded, four RBIs.

What is the most RBIs in one game by the Angels?

Garret Anderson had 10 RBI's against the Yankees in August 2007

What major league baseball player has the most RBIs in one season since 1950?

Through the 2008 season, that is Manny Ramirez with 165 RBIs in the 1999 season. Manny was playing with the Cleveland Indians that season.

What is the highest amount of stolen bases in one inning?

The record for the most stolen bases in one inning provided it's counting both the home team and the away team would be 8 stolen bases. Washington and Cleveland accomplished this in the 1st inning in 1915. Philadelphia and New York also accomplished the feat but it was in 1919 and it was in the 9th inning.

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