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but why
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Q: Which sports are people grouped according to their weight?
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How are wrestlers grouped?

they are grouped by weight

Are there millions of different types of atoms?

No, there are about 120 different atoms. Each atom is called an ELEMENT. They are grouped according to the number of electrons and protons/atomic weight.

How do you know if you have sports asthma or if its just weight related?

I have sports enduced and have a healthy weight

Is sports not healthy?

Sports are actually very healthy, you see sports not only help you loose weight but get active. Also if a friends notices you play sports not only will the take the rold after you, it will become a chain reaction. With all the over weight people sports has taken a huge change in life. SO YES, SPORTS ARE HEALTHY!!

How do you maintain weight in sports?

loose weight or dont eat much and exercise more in sports

What role does sport play in people's lives?

Well the importants of sports is to get you out and exercizing.It also helps you loose weight/maintain a healthy weight.

What are 3 benefits that can be achieved through sports?

Sports help people maintain a healthy weight, keep muscles toned, and make your heart stronger.

What are the uses of sports?

The uses of sports are for fun, to hang out, or to lose weight.

How are the planets of the solar system grouped?

U can group the planets by size,weight and amount of moons

The periodic table lists elements according to?

Their atomic weight, or the number of electrons in a single molecule of the element. Hydrogen comes first, with one electron orbiting the nucleus. Helium is next, with two electrons, and so on. The elements are also grouped according to other properties but the order of the elements is purely by atomic weight.

What is the advantage of playing sport?

Some advantages of playing sports you can lose weight have fun and meet new people .

What are sports that have a high number of eating disorders?

Sumo in Japan. People gain weight, so they are more heavy

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