Which sport would use metal in their equipment?

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2008-11-04 17:57:41

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Baseball, hockey,

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2008-11-04 17:57:41
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Q: Which sport would use metal in their equipment?
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What is sport gear?

The equipment you would use while playing sports.

What equipment does a professional athlete use?

really depends on the athlete every sport has different equipment

In which sport would you use a chucker?

You would use a chucker in the sport of cricket.

Which sport would use wood in their equipment?

there is very little that would use it but archery mainly uses it baseball, the wood bats are made of specially conditioned wood. Like the louisville Slugger for example.

What piece of equipment would you use to separate iron objects from othe rmetal objects?

yes it will me magnetic it will separate anything metal or iron.

What piece of equipment would you use to separate iron objects from the other non-iron metal objects?

Some kind of a magnetic separator

How can sport apply to newton's laws?

Because Newton's law is the law of gravity. If that law didn't apply to sports, you would be spending a lot of money on new equipment and it would be hard to play the sport. Your ball or racket or whatever you use will float away and you probably would too.

In what sport would one use a Medicus 5 iron?

A person would use a Medicus 5 iron in the sport of golf.

Which sport does not use a net as part of the games equipment?

The sports of American and Canadian football, rugby, baseball and golf do not use nets.

What is metal use for?

Metal is used for almost everything from cooking, transportation, medical equipment, weapons, parts of hardwares, structures in houses/buildings, industrial equipment, and more.

What piece of lab equipment to use to heat a solid at a high temperature?

You would use a crucible to heat a solid to a high temperature. Crucibles can be made of metal or ceramic and you would use one made of a material that would sustain the high temperature without damage.

What equipment would you use to measure a field?

I would use it by measuring with yards.

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