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One can find news on celebrity sports from the following sources: The Sun, BET, Metro, Mirror, News, Nine MSN, Machester Evening News, Herald Sun, CNN, Yahoo News.

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Q: Where can one find news on celebrity sports?
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Related questions

Where can one find celebrity news?

Celebrity news is news about famous people including TV, starts, film starts and sports stars. Celebrity news can be found in magazines and newspapers.

Where can one find news about sports?

One can find news about sports in news providing websites such as CNN or ESPN. In addition, one can find news about sports in one's local newspaper or newspapers.

Where can one find out celebrity gossip news?

You can find out celebrity gossip news on a celebrity gossip site like The Hollywood Gossip, TMZ, Perez Hilton, She Knows, I'm Not Obsessed and Lainey Gossip.

Where can news on the Lakers be found?

One can find news about the Lakers on the official Los Angeles Lakers website at the NBA site. One can also find news about the Lakers on sports websites such as Sports Illustrated and ESPN.

Where online can one find celebrity news?

E! TV, the Lainey Gossip website.

Where can one find the latest boxing news?

Some of the places that one can find the latest boxing news are ESPN and BBC Sport. Fox Sports, Sky Sports, Boxing Forecast, and Doghouse Boxing News are also resources where one could find recent news for boxing.

Where can one find news of recent celebrity deaths?

Many celebrity websites keep upto date on celebrity deaths. A News website maybe more reliable but if you know the celebrity in question you will be able to find more detailed information including but not limited to cause of death.

Where can one find news about sports in the UK?

You can find news about sports in the UK online at websites such as Guardian, BBC, and Sky Sports. You can also find recent game scores located in the sports sections of most local newspapers.

Where can one find news about soccer?

There are many different news sources one can find news regarding soccer. One can go to NBC News as well as ESPN as both have ample coverage of sports including soccer on their websites. One could also purchase a newspaper where one would find recent soccer news in the sports section.

Where can one find news about Baltimore?

One can find news about Baltimore from the 'Baltimore Sun' website. They have local news regarding politics, business, crime, entertainment, weather and sports.

Where can one find football transfer news?

There are many places where one could find football transfer news. One of the best places to find all kinds of sports or football transfer news would be ESPN.

Where can one find Tottenham Hotspur News?

Tottenham Hotsupur News is a great source for sports news. One can find the online editions at the "TottenhamHotspur" website or in print format locally.

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