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There are 4 types of violence in sport these are:

  • Brutal Body Contact: This comprises acts of assault performed in accordance with the official rules of a sport: "Tackles, blocks, body checks, collisions, legal blows of all kinds" are included. The game as officially defined cannot be played without it.
  • Borderline Violence: This comprises assaults that are prohibited by the formal rules of a sport, but occur routinely. They are more or less accepted by officials, players and fans. They include the hockey fistfights, late hitting in football, high tackling in soccer, the Baseball brush back pitch, etc. Referees sometimes penalize this kind of violence, but the penalties are not usually severe enough to deter. In theory, criminal statutes also apply; in practice, athletes are not prosecuted. So the violence often escalates.
  • Quasi-Criminal Violence: This frequently leads to serious injury and is usually brought to the attention of top officials. Penalties can range from suspensions to lifetime bans. Civil and criminal suits are becoming more common, but convictions are infrequent. For example, a severe punch in the head thrown in a Basketball game, eventually settled out of court.
  • Criminal Violence: This takes place before or after a game among fans. An example is the June 16, 1990 killing of eight people as part of the "celebration" in Detroit after the Pistons won the NBA Championship. 124 people were treated in hospital.
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Q: What types of violence is found in sports?
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