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Art Mitchell, Chris Helton, is all i can think of

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Q: What sports players wore number 72?
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All past NY Giant players that wore number 76?

all ny gaint players who wore number 72

Who wore number 72 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

There were several players to wear that number, Leon Searcy being one of them.Darnell StapletonClick on the link below to see all the players that wore #72 for the Steelers.

Famous football players who wore number 72?

TOO TALL JONESType your answer here...

Who wore the jersey number 72 for the NY Giants?


What number was William The Refrigerator Perry?

Fridge wore #72 for the Bears.

Who wore number 72?

First baseman Juan Miranda in 2009.

Which players in Chicago Bears history wore jersey number 72 besides Perry?

Other notable players who wore number 72 for the Chicago Bears include Hall-of-Fame linebacker Bill George (who wore 72 from 1952-53 before sporting his more familiar 61 from 1954-65), All-Pro offensive tackle Bill Wightkin (1954-57), guard Jim Cadile (1962-72), defensive end Gary Hrivnak (1973-75), defensive tackle Brad Shearer (1978, 1980-81), and offensive tackle Qasim Mitchell (2003-05).

Football players wearing number 72?

David Benedetti

Who wore Yankees number 72?

First baseman Juan Miranda in 2009.

Who wore number 72 for the White Sox?

Carlton Fisk wore #72 for the White Sox during his time there between 1981-1993. Fisk signed with the White Sox in 1981 after having been with the Red Sox since 1969. His number with the Red Sox was 27 but that number was taken so he reversed the digits and wore 72. The White Sox retired the number in 1997.

Did Joe Greene ever wear number 72 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Yes he did. Joe wore number 72 in 1969, early in his rookie season.

Who wore jersey number 72 of the Dallas Cowboys?

Ed too tall Jones

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