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You need to be able to bat!

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you need to awareness
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Q: What skills do you need in batting in rounders?
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Related questions

What tactics do you need in rounders?

you need donkey drop, slow bowling, fast bowling,hard batting, light batting just a few tactics neede in rounders

What skills do you need for rounders?

you need to keep your eye on the ball at all time and use over arm to through.

What are the skills and techniques needed for rounders?

There are not specific techniques needed for rounders. But, if the game of rounders you are playing is similar to kickball, then practice anything you may need to know for kickball... or possibly research tips for kickball, you may get more results than if you search for "rounders".

What qualifications you need to umpire in rounders?

what qualifactions do you need to be a rounders umpire

What are the most important skills in rounders?

run fast

In rounders what happens if you step out of the batting box on a no ball are you out?


Skills of playing rounders?

To be good at rounders you have to be a very good catcher, have a good aim, throw quite far and accurate. You also have to be quite fast to get a full rounders.

What are the skills of rounders?

throwing bating catching by ashley mattingley

How is rounders and baseball the same?

they are not the same because of the batting in baseball they ball in a different type of style and in rounders they ball in a different type of style and the bat u need to hold the bat with two hands when u are playing baseball and when your playing rounders u hold the bat with 1 hand

What equipment do you need in rounders?

you need a -ball -bat -posts

What equipment does a rounders umpire need?

There are two officials in a game of rounders. They don't really need equipment other than a clipboard and a whistle.

Why does a rounders player need cardiovascular fitness?

its not

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