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86 percent

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Q: What percent of professional athletes donate money to charity?
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What percent of athletes donate to charity?


How much do athletes donate to charity?

Some athletes are greedy, and do not donate. But other athletes give some money ranging for $12,000,000 to 120,000,000. But some others are greedy, but they do donate $30,000.

Do black athletes donate to charity?

Yes they do like Michael Jordan & the Bobcats donate to NC schools. The NJ Nets donate to poor children on Christmas

How many pro athletes donate to charities?

1.5% of all athletes donate to charities.

What are some tips about how to donate a car to charity?

The best way to donate your car to a charity is first pick out a charity you want to donate to. Contact the charity by phoning them or looking them up online and ask if they are accepting donations. When inquiring about your car donation be sure that the donation will go directly to the charity you want to donate to.

Did Oprah donate to charity?

Yes Oprah donated to charity.

Do pro football players have to donate to a charity?

NFL players are not forced to donate money to a charity. That is the player's choice.

What do you donate to charity?

$20 a month

Did dr.seuss donate to charity?


What can you do for the Homeless?

donate money to charity

What do professional tennis players do with their old tennis racquets when they're done with them?

Most of them donate the rackets to charity, especially the top players. It is common to sign old rackets and auction them for charity.

How can you donate your used car to charity?

You can donate your used car to charity by contacting your local church or by calling the organization who's charity you support. You can also ask people in your community to help you host an auction and donate the money from the car to the charity of your choice.

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