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Q: What percent of kids in America play professional sports?
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What percent of kids play sports?


What percantage of hardworking kids play professional sports?

It depends on your definition of hardworking kids

What percent of kids actually enjoy sports?


What percent of kids play competitive sports?


How many kids play sport in America?

About 30 million kids does sports in America.

What percentage of kids in America like to play sports?

Only about 40 percent of American children play sports. This number reflects the huge number of children in in the United States that are obese.

What percantage of kids play sports in America?

about 90%

What percent of kids play sports around the world?

around 64%

What are the release dates for America Undercover - 1986 Kids in Sports The Price of Glory?

America Undercover - 1986 Kids in Sports The Price of Glory was released on: USA: 10 September 1986

What percentage of kids in America stutter?

5 percent

What percent of kids can drive boats?

2% in america. 3% in europe.

What percent of kids want stuffed animals?

I'd say 5,000,000 because America loves them and even kids outside of America love them.