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a referee jersey

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Q: What jersey does a referee wear?
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What does a referee have to wear?

clothes :)

Can a referee wear prescription glasses?

Indeed, Referee or any Sport's person can wear Prescription glasses

What does a boxing referee have to wear?

clothes :)

Why are NCAA football gloves Grey?

So that it is easier for the referee to see if a player is holding. Before a player could wear a color that blended in with an opposing players jersey.

What does a referee wear?

A referee must wear the following: (1) A uniform, regulated by the governing body. (2) Shorts (3) Socks (4) Shoes or Cleats (5) Watch A referee may wear (if authorized): (1) A hat (2) Sunglasses

What color uniform does a basketball referee wear?


Can a soccer referee wear a cap during a match?


Why do NFL referee wear black pants?

Because they were it in winter.

Do the Giants wear names on their uniforms?

The Giants dont wear names on their home jersey but they do wear names on their road jersey.

In which sports referee wear white gloves?

snooker. and sometimes boxing

Can a goalkeeper wear the same coloured jersey as the referee?

They are not supposed to. For practical reasons this is not often enforced. More importantly, the goal keeper must have a different color than either their team-mates and the opposition.

Can you have a orange and blue goalie jersey in soccer and your team be blue accented with orange?

It's up to the discretion of the referee. If the referee believes that the goalkeeper's jersey could be confused with the jerseys of the field players for either team, he can ask the keeper to change.

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