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The Strahov Stadium in the Czech Republic. It seats up to 250,000 people

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Q: What is the worlds largest stadium by capacity?
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Is the worlds' largest soccer stadium in North Korea?

Yes, the Rungrado May Day Stadium is the world's largest stadium with a capacity of 150,000!

What MLB stadium has the largest seating capacity?

Yankees Stadium

What is the worlds largest soccer stadium?

Camp Nou Barcalona's stadium

What is the world's largest stadium in the world?

The largest stadium in the world based on capacity is the Great Strahov Stadium in Prague, Czech Republic. It has a capacity of around 220,000.

Largest football stadium in the world?

Great Strahov Stadium is the largest stadium in the world with a capacity of 240000 seats

What NRL stadium has the largest seating capacity?

ANZ stadium in Sydney (Formely known as Telstra Stadium or Stadium Australia) has a capacity of 82000.

What NFL stadium has the second largest seating capacity?

Giants stadium has the second most seating capacity

What is the largest stadium in the world by capacity?

It is the Rungago May Day Stadium in North Korea which has a capacity of 150000.

5 largest NFL seating capacity?

For NFL Football games, the largest capacity stadium is FedEx Field in Landover, MD with a capacity of 85,000. The next four in order are MetLife Stadium, Lambeau Field, AT and T Stadium, and Arrowhead Stadium. AT and T stadium has an expanded capacity of 105,000.

Where is the largest field hockey stadium?

The largest hockey stadium is in Lahore in Pakistan. It has a capacity of 50,000 people

What is the biggest American league stadium?

Yankee stadium has the largest seat capacity.

What baseball stadium has the most seats?

The largest stadium (capacity-wise) currently in use by an MLB team is Dodger Stadium. Capacity 56,000.

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