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Q: What is the most popular indoor sport in the USA?
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What is the most popular spectartor sport in the US?

The NFL and College Football are really popular sports watched in the USA. Football is the most popular spectator sport in the US.

What sport was the most popular?

Cricket - it is the main sport in most of the high population county's such as India... it might not be big in the USA or UK but it is.

Which Olympic sport is the most popular?

Probably hockey (Canada and USA) and skiing.

What sport is famous in America?

The 3 most popular sports in the USA are, in no particular order:BasketballAmerican FootballBaseball

What are the most common outdoor sports in the USA?

There are many sports played outdoors in the USA. Soccer and baseball are among the most popular during the spring and summer months. Golf is also a popular sport.

What the most popular sport in the Americas?

By far the most popular sport in the Americas, which, of course, includes Latin and South America is soccer. If just USA is considered, then despite that Baseball is America's "official sport", the answer is grid iron Football, closely followed by Basketball, baseball and Ice Hockey.

Why did the NFL became one the most popular sport in the USA?

i dont think its the most its just seaonal...i don't know if you've noticed

What is the national sport of the US?

The national sport and the most popular sport of USA is football. Answer: There is no official national sport. More people are involved in baseball than in football, especially on the grassroots level.

What are the more popular Olympic sports?

Different sports are popular in different countries. (Eg. Badminton in Japan, Basketball in USA, Rowing in Great Britian.) But Athletics is a sport popular in most countries.

Which sport make the most money in the united states?

The sport that get paid the most in the USA is baseball.

What is the most popular sport in the uSA?

This is really oppinionated. But think American football is the most popular. I think american football is more popular sports among citizens. Even though in China, talk most is the NBA. but in real citizens life, American football is more popular:)

What is the most played sport in the USA?