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The Pittsburgh Pirates (1993-2010) hold the current record for professional sports-18 straight losing seasons.

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Q: What is the longest streak of losing seasons in professional sports?
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What is the top 10 longest streak of losing seasons in professional sports?

Well i don't know 10 but i know 1 the nets had a bad season in 2010 =(

What is the second longest active losing streak in professional sports?

1st longest; 'bout 26 2nd longest; 'bout 24

Who has the longest professional sports career?


What is the record for consecutive losing seasons in pro sports?

Pittsburgh pirates 19 seasons

What city has gone the longest without a professional sports championship?


Michigan is the Nations Largest producer of?

Cars-Murders-Cereal-welfare recipients-ex automobile engineers-mos losing seasons in professional sports- stories on what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.

What professional sports team had the most consecutive winning seasons?

Dallas Cowboys. 20 consecutive winning seasons.

What is the longest win streak in professional sports?

94 games by the Tignish Aces.

What is the longest active losing streak in sports?

Caltech beavers 207 games division 3 basketball

Who has the longest losing streak in sports?

the 2009 nets went 0-18 till finally winning one

Who has the longest tenure of any coach?

Joe Paterno was an assistant for Pen state from 1950-1965 and took over as head coach in 1966. He is still the head coachJerry Sloan is the longest tenured active coach in major professional sports with 22 consecutive seasons with the Utah Jazz.

What is the longest consecutive streak of a team making it to the playoffs?

I can only speak for North American professional sports and that would be the Boston Bruins of the NHL who made the playoffs for 29 consecutive seasons from 1967-68 through 1995-96.

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