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The International Olympic Committee (IOC)

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What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: What is the governing body of the Olympics?
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What is the Olympics governing body?

The International Olympic Committee

What governing body sets the swimming pool standards at the Olympics?


How come some professionals allowed in the Olympics eg Andy Murray and others are not eg boxers?

Each sport has a different governing body and each governing body decides who can compete in that sport.

What governing body decides which events will be included in olympic competition?

The IOC Olympic Programme Commission is the governing body that recommends which events will be included in the Olympics. Then, the IOC Executive Board chooses the events.

Who is the president of the governing body of the Olympics?

The president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is Count Jacques Rogge.

What is the governing body of volleyball?

The Official governing body of Volleyball is known as the FIVB which simply stands for, Federation Internationale De Volleyball. The FIVB was founded on April 1947 in Paris when 14 countries representatives met in Paris to elect the president of FIVB. FIVB was responsible for introducing Volleyball to the Olympics in the 1964 Olympics.

When did hockey become apart from the Olympics?

Hockey was removed from the Olympic schedule in 1924, for lack of an single international governing body. It was reinstated at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics.

Is a synod is an industrial governing body?

No. A synod is a religious governing body.

Global governing body for field hockey was found in 1924 as a responsible protest against?

It wasn't a protest against anything. A single governing international body was required for reacceptance to the Olympics, and the founding nations saw that such a body was necessary to maintain the quality of both the game and the players.

What name is given to the governing body of CARICOM?

what is caricoms governing body called

What is the national governing body for athletics?

The national governing body of atletics is the IAAF.

What are the local regional and governing bodies for cricket?

what is the regional governing body for cricket?

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