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Take a first step back. This is because it is harder to run backwards than forward. Judge the ball, and figure out if you are coming in on the ball or running out. If the ball is slightly behind you; You may back pedal to get under the ball. If the ball is far behind you; Turn around, and run as you normally would as fast as you can. Keep your eye on the ball, and when you are under it, turn around to make the catch. If you are coming in... Well then charge forward and catch it... The most important thing: DO NOT CATCH A BALL ON THE RUN! RUN 100% TO THE BALL AND WAIT UNDER IT! NO MATTER WHAT YOU ALWAYS have to DROP STEP!! then you judge it and decide weather to keep going back or charge. If it is a line drive then you probably want to play it safe and not dive while charging but if it is a high pop fly if you can this is your chance to make a web gem. Never run with your glove out because it will slow you down tremendously. Also if you are judging a pop fly and it is still gaining distance and it is level with your glove in the air then you probably just want to turn your hips and run. Also always catch the ball with two hands. Always call it by Saying "ball ball ball" over and over again and if one of your teamates is calling the ball say"take it take it". also if you ever have to go a different direction because you misjudged it always turn your hips inside not outside because you never want to lose sight of the ball.

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Q: What is the best way to catch a fly ball?
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What is the best lure to catch brown trout?

Fly fishing is the best way to catch the large brown trout. Many people use spoons and mepps spinners if your into that.

How can you hit the ball high in tether ball?

You can hit the ball high in tether ball by aiming the ball to the ground.Another way is to push the ball.

Can you mark your ball if it is off the green if it is in the way of your partner?

Yes you can mark a ball anywhere except in a sandtrap

How a home run be an unearned run?

There is only 1 possible way for a home run to be an UN-earned run.The batter would hit a fly ball to the outfield and while the outfielder attempts to catch it (and that means routinely catch it, not an extremely difficult attempt to catch it) the ball hits either their glove, or their head and bounces over the wall. If you'll remember, it happened when Jose Canseco misjudged a fly ball and it bounced directly off the top of his head and went over the wall. Since he was charged with an error, the home run was charged as an unearned run.Improvement:There is more then 1 way for a home run to be unearned.- Mentioned above is one way- If the batter popped up in foul territory earlier in the AB and a routine catch is allowed to drop foul scored an error, if he later scores (i.e home run) that run is considered unearned- If there has been errors in the inning allowing it to continue to the batter that hit the HR that is an unearned run- Any situation where an error occured (fielding or throwing) on an "inside the park home run" would be considered an unearned home run (this techincally would not be scored as a HR)- A play that violates the rules of baseball, i.e throwing your cap or glove and hitting the ball, would result in the player getting 3 bases and the ball is still live so if he advanced home, that would be an unearned runMost of these are situations you will not see. The most common would be a foul ball that was dropped resulting in an error and the batter later hitting a HR in the AB, the 2nd most common (in MLB) would be a fielding error resulting in an "inside the park HR", which noted above, would not be scored a HR, so i guess techincally doesnt apply to your questionThe only way that a HR can both be truly a HR and an unearned run is on the foul ball scenerio, with a HR hit later in the AB (over the fence, or inside-the-park with no errors) --- all the other scenerios, would be scored accordingly to what would have happened if the error on the ball was not committed (i.e a ball that goes over the fence after misplayed by an outfielder is not a HR, but rather a 4 base error, in the scorebook)

What are the official rules to the game wall ball?

Wall ball is a pretty simple game the rules are, throw the ball at the wall if you catch the ball you throw it at the wall and continue. However, if you drop the ball after you catch it you have to run and go touch the wall. If the ball is thrown and hit the wall before you touch it you loose a life or you are out depending if you have one life or more. Another way to loose a life is to throw the ball and it hit thew ground before it hits the wall in this case you have to go hit the wall before another player throws the ball and hits the wall before you get their, in this case you would loose a life or get out. Also, if someone pegs the ball at the wall as hard as they can and it passes all of the players and goes into the distance some one can shout wall ball!! Then the person who threw the ball has to go to the ball and try to throw the ball at the wall with out it hitting the ground before the wall. But, if they can not throw it that far they can drop the ball and run. They have to hit the wall before someone runs out and gets the ball and hits the wall before you. In this case also you would loose a life. However, if someone runs out and gets the ball someone else BUT YOU can call wall ball! And the prosess starts over. IF you have any other questions please post a question on my message board. Please don't be afraid to ask.

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What is the best way to catch lugia in Pokemon heart gold?

the best way is a master ball or a net ball when it is at 1HP

What ball do you use to catch HO-OH if you dont have a master ball?

Using a Great Ball is the best way. Actually a Ultra ball is the best way.

Whats the best way to catch Rayquaza?

throws a master ball

How do you catch zekron in pokemon white version?

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Put your pet frog where there's a fly and the frog will catch the flies

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Use the Master Ball, idiots. You should use the 999 master ball cheat and it's an automatic catch.

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best way is 2 use master ball

What is the best lure to catch brown trout?

Fly fishing is the best way to catch the large brown trout. Many people use spoons and mepps spinners if your into that.

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