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An athlete who does not earn money for playing is called an enthusiast.

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Q: What is an athlete called who does not earn money from playing a sport?
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How are commonwealth games athletes chosen?

You have to do the sport your playing and be watched by an elite athlete at the sport.

How much money does a professional athlete earn in parkour?

Parkour is not a sport, so therefore, there is no such thing as a "parkour athlete." Probably nothing, considering it isn't a sport.

What is a sport player who gets paid called?

Professional athlete.

How much money a athlete can make per year?

It really depends on the sport.

How much money does an athlete get paid?

It depends in the sport, country, team, player and their skill level.

Annual earnings for a pro athlete?

The annual earnings for a pro athlete depend on the sport and the level of skill. More skill players earn more money.

Careers that deal with sports and make money?

Athlete, Physiotherapist, Sport Psychologist, Trainer, Agent, Scout

What do you call a sport player?

An athlete

Can you give me a paragraphe about the qualities of a good athlete?

good athletes should be a good nsportsman, like if you knock someone over you should help them up... a good sportsman should be dedicated to playing the sport that she/he loves... and not go to another team for any amount of money... a good athlete loves what he/she does and always asks to play more that is a GOOD!! athlete?!!?

What sport did the athlete excel from athlete dying young?

ummm.... Running or track

How does a social drug affects an athlete?

it removes the athlete from the race/challange/sport.

How long will an athlete with broken ribs be out of the game?

It depends on what sport the athlete is playing, for normal people it takes about three to six weeks for ribs to heal on average. For an athlete in say football, it will probably be longer, probably about five to eight weeks

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