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it is an NBA uniform that is not authentic. it is better than replica though and cost a little more

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Q: What is a swingman road jersey?
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What is a performance jersey vs a swingman jersey?

really different,most quality of swingman jersey is be the throwback,you can check elvajersey to refer to it

Which jersey should i buy replica or swingman?

You get swingman jersey it looks alot better and real, but it is 30 dallors more

How much is a gary payton lakers swingman jersey worth?

The Gary Payton Lakers swingman jersey is worth between 25 and 40 United States Dollars.

What is a youth swingman basketball jersey?

Swingman jerseys are closer to the authentic jerseys than are replica jerseys. The letters and numbers are stitched on for swingman jerseys. However, they are made with mesh so they have tiny holes in them to allow for air to flow through. You may consider a swingman jersey, especially for playing your sport while wearing one. Youth swingman basketball jerseys are swingman jerseys for children; they're smaller than adult swingman jerseys.

Where can you get a Mo Williams swingman jersey for very cheap?


What is a swingman basketball jersey?

Swingman jerseys are the next best thing to authentic jerseys. The player name and number are sewn on for durability, whereas the replica is printed. Swingman jerseys usually costs $70-$100. Swingman jerseys are also made with mesh and have tiny holes for air to flow through.

Is swingman jerseys better or authentic?


How much money is a NBA jersey?

It depends on the type of jersey. There are three types of NBA jerseys: replica, swingman, and authentic. Replica jerseys usually go for $40-$60. Swingman jerseys are in the $70-$80 range. Authentic NBA jerseys are almost always above $150.

What does a swingman do in basketball?

A swingman is a versatile player who can play both guard and forward.

Where can someone find information about a Swingman Jersey?

Information about a Swingman Jersey can be found on the NBA website - which has information about prices, sizes, and current designs. Information can also be found on other sites that sell them, such as Amazon. Amazon has up to date information on the materials they're made of, what they sell for, and customer reviews that offer unbiased information on the Jerseys.

Who is the swingman in the NBA?

A swingman is usually the 2 or 3 position on the court. Or shooting guard and small forward

Swingman vs authentic jerseys?

Authentic jerseys are more detailed than swingman but considering theres only a bit more detail for a lot of money i would probably go with swingman.

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