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The weight of the bat matters a little but nota lot. You want a light bat because you can swing it not a heavy bat then you cant swing it. Also what are you a contact hitter, power hitter, or more of a bunter? If you are a power hitter use an Exogrid or an Omaha. If you are a contact hitter than you would want to use a Stealth or Triton. If you are a bunter than you should get a good magazine or book then stay home on the couch.

This is a bulls**t answer! I want the physics. Same person swinging, obviously can swing a lighter bat faster, but more mass in a heavier bat. Come on nerds, I need empirical evidence.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-21 05:14:53
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Q: What hits a baseball further a heavy bat or a light bat?
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