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Males play Basketball more often.

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Q: What gender plays basketball more?
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Who plays basketball?

Basketballers plays basketball

Is there a basketball player named Everly?

Yes there is a basketball player named Everly. His name is Jake Everly and he plays college basketball. He plays point guard. For more information search his name.

How do you say plays basketball in french?

plays basketball is translated in French to "joue au basketball"

Can a college basketball coach referee an opposite gender basketball game?


How do you say plays basketball in spanish?

"plays basketball" in Spanish is "juega baloncesto".

What is a basketball player?

A basketball player is a person who plays basketball, especially professionally.

Why is it that men's basketball get more publicity?

Because there is a gender bias against female athletes. Not just basketball but sports in general. Male athletes get more endorsements and scholastically colleges have more funding for male athletes as opposed to their female counterparts.

What gender plays the flute?


What are basketball plays?

basketball plays are something you can run in basketball like a play where you just take it to the hoop, this play includes screens, pics, and passes.

What Basketball player has a sister that plays basketball?

Anthoy Parker from the Toronto Raptors has a sister named Candice Parker (I think that's how you spell it)who plays basketball.

What does Obama like to do for fun?

Plays with his kids and plays basketball

What do a basketball coach do?

discuss strategy create plays support the team players I'm sure there's more but that all i know of btw its "what does a basketball coach do?"

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