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it makes you trip balls when you play a sport on extacy

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Q: What effects does ecstasy have in sport?
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Yes, it is called herbal ecstasy. It has the same effects and is very similar to actually E.

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No, Methadone will only block the effects of opiate drugs.

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Time. That's all. Ride it out.

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A messed up life.

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Ø This site is dedicated to those who have found their life severely impacted by ecstasy effects and need ecstasy rehab. Ecstasy, a street name given for the chemical MDMA, is a synthetic, psychoactive , neurotoxic drug with many negative effects. Ecstasy has similar structure to stimulants, like cocaine, and hallucinogenics like LSD. Also similar to cocaine and amphetamines is the highly addictive nature of ecstasy effects. Another commonality of ecstasy and all other abused drugs is the down-side, the negative often long-lasting ecstasy effects that far outweigh the few short term pleasures listed above. Here are a few that may come as quickly as the first dose and increase with continued usage.

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Ae you stupid

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