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the force it takes to hit the ball

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Q: What causes a ''sting'' sensation when you hit a baseball?
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What causes a sting sensation when you hit the baseball?

The balL hits it

What is a sting when you hit a baseball?

It is when the ball is hit near the handle or tip of the bat and the vibration reaches your hands.

Why does a softball sting when the pitcher pitches the ball to the catcher?

The velocity of the softball that is pitched is fast enough to hit the catchers glove with a lot of force so it causes the catcher's hand to sting or hurt

A sentence with sensation?

A tingling sensation ran down my arm after I hit my elbow.

What causes a wooden baseball bat to break?

what causes it to break is when you hit the ball in the weak spot of the bat which is in the end or in the logo this rarely happens.

What is the burning sensation in the left arm?

Maybe you hit your funny bone.

Their biggest hit was such a sensation the FBI investigated it for the effect sit was having?

the Kingsman with their hit Louie Louie

Why does the umpire change balls after they hit the dirt?

The dirt causes the baseball to have more movement when the next pitch is thrown.

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Is a sofball harder to hit than a baseball?

It said that a softball is harder to hit because of the force it comes in at is greater in the highest levels of softball then is baseball, also the underhand motion causes the ball to have an upward movement which is hard to master then the downward movement of a baseball.

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