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# Football # Basketball # Baseball # Soccer

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Q: What are the top sports franchises in US?
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Is Subway one of the top 5 restaurant chains in the US?

As a business oppurtunity Subway is listed among the best food franchises. In number of franchises they are just outside the top five.

What culture factors must the US sports franchises overcome to increase popularity aboard?

The biggest cultural factor U.S. sports franchises must overcome to increase popularity abroad include increasing the familiarity of the sport overseas.

Top Ten highest grossing sports franchises in the world?

if that's supposed to be growing its basketball, soccer, and other Olympic games.

Can someone own two sports franchisES?


What are the top four most popular sports in the US?

The top four sports in the US are basketball, football, baseball, and golf.

What are the top sports medicine programs in the US?

The University of Detroit Mercy has the top sports program.

What are some sports bar franchises in the US that cater to soccer fans?

BW3 is one of the best sports bars to go to far all sports. They also have Champs and Cleats which also focus on all sports including soccer.

What cultural factors must US sports franchises overcome to increase popularity abroad?

One of the cultural factors that US sport franchises must overcome to increase the popularity abroad is language, aka the slang words that mean something different abroad.

Most popular sports franchises worldwide?

The Greeen Bay Packers.

What professional sports franchises that start with j?

Jaguars, Jets, Jazz

What is the top rated sports auction house in the US?


Where can one find more information about new franchises?

You can find information about new franchises online at the Entrepreneur website. Once on the page, click on "Franchises" and then "Top New" to bring up information about new franchises.

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