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The same as in every other country in the world...

Rugby is the national sport, however

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Q: What are the sports in Wales?
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Related questions

How many sports are played in Wales?

All the usual sports are played in Wales, especially rugby.

When was BBC Wales Sports Personality of the Year created?

BBC Wales Sports Personality of the Year was created in 1954.

Which sports are popular Wales?


What are the most popular sports in Wales?

rugby and football

What news does BBC wales Sport broadcast?

BBC Wales Sports delivers current news of popular British/U.K. sports. In modern times, many sports such as rugby, football, cricket, tennis, and golf are year-round news stories.

What sports are played in wales?

-golf -boxing -cricket -soccer (football) -rugby

What is the Welsh sport?

Rugby is probably one of the most popular sports in Wales.

Where can a person go to find the latest news on Wales rugby teams?

There are many sports websites that report on rugby teams. You can check Walesonline and BBC Sports for news specific to the Wales rugby teams of your interest.

What sports do people play in Wales?

they play football rugby and many other activies

What channel can you watch rugby union on?

Sky sports, S4C (wales) BBc 2 and BBc1

What is the 10 favourite sports in wales?

Swimming water polo water hockey frozen hockey

How many sports are in Wales?

Most sports that are popular globally have some level of following or another in Wales, although those that are popular in North America such as baseball, ice-hockey or American football have a very small following indeed. Wales's national sport is rugby union, which is very similar to American football and may explain why the latter isn't very popular.

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