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Louisiana State





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Q: What are the five NCAA Division 1 mascots who are tigers?
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How many mascots did the book speak have in it?

Trojans Blue Devils Tigers Wombats Hornets there was five

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What are the sports nicknames for the five universities in Puerto Rico that participate in NCAA Division 2?

The five Puerto Rican universities that are in the NCAA Division 2 are: * University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez...the Bulldogs. * University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras...the Roosters. * University of Puerto Rico-Bayamon...the Cowboys. * Interamerican University of Puerto Rico...the Tigers. * American University of Puerto Rico...the Pirates.

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Will the Detroit Tigers or Minnesota Twins win the the AL Central Division in 2010?

Twins by five games

How many times have the Detroit Tigers won the division title?

The Detroit Tigers won the division title five times.A.L. East - (3) 1987, 1984, 1972A. L. Central - (2) 2012, 2011

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Ncaa division 1 basketball wins in the last ten years?

In men's NCAA Division I basketball, the winners over the past five years, starting with 2014 and going backwards are: Connecticut, Louisville, Kentucky, Connecticut, and Duke. The next five, starting in 2009 and going backwards are: North Carolina, Kansas, Florida, Florida, and North Carolina.

How many times has Northwestern University ever been invited to the NCAA tournament?

Never. Along with Army, the Citadel, St. Francis (NY), and William & Mary, they are one of only five teams with fifty years of NCAA Division I play and no NCAA tournament appearances.

How many division I basketball teams have not been to ncaa tournament?

Only five schools have failed to make a single NCAA Tournament since the NCAA adopted the "Division 1" format in 1947.Northwestern is the only "BCS" conference team to never reach the tournament. The other four schools are Army, William & Mary, Saint Francis NY and The Citadel.

How many different mascots are their in the Olympics games?

There are five official mascots for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing ... a fish, panda, antelope, swallow, and Olympic Flame. Click on the 'Olympic Mascots' link below to read about them.

What are the mascots for 2008 Olympic games?

The mascot of the Olympics 2008 are five FUWA

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