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about .280 batting average with about 15 home runs and 65 RBI's

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Q: What are the average stats of an average MLB baseball player?
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How much is the average Major League Baseball player paid?

There is no set starting salary for a MLB player as that is negotiated by the player and the team. The minimum salary for a MLB player in 2006 was $380,000 and the average salary for a MLB player in 2006 was $2,699,292.

What is the average retirement salary of an MLB baseball player?

$1 a year

What is the average weight and height of a MLB pitcher?

The average height of a Major League Baseball Player is 5'10".

How do you get Lou Gehrig's baseball stats?

You can go to or and click on the stats tab. There you can find all the historical stats on every MLB player.

What is the average salary of a MLB baseball player for the San Diego Padres?

i would say about $120M

What is a MLB player?

A MLB player is an athlete who plays in the Major League Baseball.

What is the average career length of an MLB player?

A University of Colorado study in 2007 showed the average career of a major league baseball player is 5.6 years. Click on the 'MLB Career Study' link below to read an article about it.

What is the Major League Baseball average age of a player?

average age of mlb players across teams by year?

Which professional sport NBA NFL NHL or Major League Baseball has longest average player careers?


What is the average Career length MLB player?

The average career span for a Major League Baseball player is 5.6 years. For a player in the National Football League it is only 3.5 years and for an NBA player, the average career is just short of 5 years.

Who was on the cover of every MLB the Show?

a baseball player

What job pays 300000?

A MLB baseball player