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Q: What are the 4 major sports teams in philadelphia?
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What states have 4 major sports teams?


Which city with all 4 major sports has ever won championships in all 4 sports?


What city pro teams has championships with all the 4 major sports?

new york

What is he name of the Phoenix newspaper?

Arizona Daily Star and the Arizona Republic are the two major newspapers in Phoenix. Both have excellent sports coverage for Arizona's 4 major teams and colleges.

Professional sports teams with 4 Championships?

Los Angeles Lakers

How many major league baseball teams were there in the 1900?


What professional sports teams have won championships in 4 straight decades?

New York Yankees

How many sports teams are in Milwaukee?

3 Assuming you are referring to professional sports teams there are 4... the Milwaukee Bucks (basketball), Milwaukee Brewers (baseball), Milwaukee Admirals (hockey), and the Milwaukee Wave (soccer)

What is the shortest time span that a city with all four major sports teams has won all four championships?

New York: 14 years Knicks '73 Yankees '77 & '78 Islanders '80-'83 Mets '86 Giants '87 NBA, MLB, NHL, MLB (2), NFL. All 4 major sports, with 2 different baseball teams too.

What are 4 pro sports teams?

The Yankees and Cubs are baseball teams. The Miami Heat is basketball. In football there are the Packers, Bears, Patriots, Eagles and Colts.

When is baseballs preseason start?

Major league baseball starts in March. Although 4 major league baseball teams play college teams on February 26th.

How many sports teams are located in Atlanta?

like 4 atlanta hawks, atlanta falcons etc.

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