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I think lance Armstrong did comertials for a while.

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Q: What are some of todays top atletes that help avertise nike?
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Mikel Jordain

Whoare some of todays top athletes that help advertise Nike?

your mum,your dad and your sister they are nikey pikeys

Who are two of todays top athletes that help to advertise Nike?

Some of today's top athletes who help to advertise Nike include Tiger Woods and LeBron James. Other top athletes include Michael Jordan and Pete Sampras.

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The business aims of Nike are to develop products to help athletes at whatever level of ability they have at the time. Nike has stated they would like to challenge and support athletes.

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Every company produces something new everyday. Nike is one of them who delivers innovation at its finest. For the year 2012 Nike has produced the Vomero. The streak. The lunar eclipse. The zoom structure, and the ruckas. All with its own distinctive character meeting todays standard for the intermediate right through to the pro.

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u can help u spirtiually

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