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team sports , induvidual sports , extreme sports and air sports

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Q: What are four categories of sports?
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What are the four categories of sports?

Extreme sports,women's sports,International sports,and Amateur Sports

What are the four main categories of sports?

Extreme sports,women's sports,International sports,and Amateur Sports

What are 4 categories of sports?

Sport types generally fall into four main categories. 1. Racing 2. Opponent 3. Achievement 4. Multiple category sports

Do you capitalize the categories of sports?

No, if you are writing about sports in an essay or in any other form, you do not capitalize the categories. You do not capitalize the sport type either.

What are four functional categories of iv solutions?

List and explain the four categories of IV solutions

What are the categories of sports?

team sports (football, basketball, etc) and individual sports (golf, boxing, etc)

What are the four categories of cargo carried over a bus?

There are four categories of cargo that are carried over a bus. The four categories are control signals, data, memory address, and electrical power.

What are the four categories of lumberjack of Canada?

the four categories of lumberjacks are: high riggers sawyers or buckers skidders haulers

What are the four categories that are included in the GDP?

The four broad categories are consumption, investment, government purchases, and net exports.

How many biotechnology categories?


What are the four categories of Hieroglyphics?


What sports are involved in Olympics in London?

There are 26 sports with 39 disciplines or categories and 302 events

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