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The three popular water sports are.

1 Water Polo.

2 Swimming.

3 Scuba diving.

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Q: Three popular sports played in water?
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Three most popular sports in Italy?

soccer, water polo & ya mum

What is a sport played in French Guiana?

Water sports are very popular in French Guiana because of the massive coastline of the Atlantic. Soccer is also popular.

What are the most popular sports at US Naval Academy?

At US naval Academy the popular sports are: Football, Soccer and water sports

What water sports are played in Australia?

If a water sport has been invented, there is a strong chance that it is played in Australia. Swimming; sailing; tubing; rowing; canoeing; parasailing; boating; sailboarding; surfing; stand-up paddleboarding; aqua aerobics; water skiing; these are all popular water sports in Australia.

All the sports played in Cuba?

Many American sports are played in the streets of Cuba like Baseball, Basketball , and Soccer. Boxing is a very popular sport in Cuba but Cuba has many water sports such as windsurfing, snorkelling, diving, surfing and fishing.

What sports are played in Montenegro?

The most popular sports in Montenegro are football, basketball, water polo, volleyball, and handball. Other relatively important sports include boxing, judo, karate, athletics, table tennis, and chess.

What is the most popular water sports in the UK?

Wake boarding

What are the three types of team sports?

Football rugby and cricket or Motor sports field sports or water sports

What to do in Cancun beach area apart from water sports?

Sports such as soccer and volleyball are also popular.

Are water sports popular in Australia?

Yes. Water sports in Australia are particularly popular. Australia has an ideal climate for people to enjoy being out in the water, whether swimming, boating, water-skiing, surfing, windsurfing, etc.

What is water sports?

Water sports is sports played in water like: paragliding snorkelling rafting sailing canoeing rowing kayaking scuba diving and similar

What are ten popular sports that are not played at the Olympics?

recreational fishing, skindiving, cricket, hunting, Bullfighting, sky diving, water skiing, dwarf throwing,

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