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AFL is played on an oval field.

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Q: On what shape field is Australian rules played?
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Where can one find information regarding Australian rules for football?

Australian rules football is a game played by two teams each comprising 18 players. The field of play is oval in shape, as is the ball. Information about Australian rules football can be found on Wikipedia.

In what shaped field is Australian rules played?

The shape of the field is oval. There is not standard size for the oval however so different venues have different sizes and sometimes slightly different shapes (such as deeper curves at each 'end' of the oval).

Rugby union Australian rules?

Australian Rugby rules are the same as those world wide as they have to comply with IRB regulations. To find out more on Rugby Union rules visit the IRB website as there are just far to many to place here If your talking about Australian Rules Football. This is a completely different sport (just the ball is the same shape)

What shape field is gridiron played on?

Rectangle you'll learn that in JAC

What is the shape of a rugby ball?

A rugby (league or union) ball is a prolate spheroid. The same shape is also used in Australian Rules Football, and in both American and Canadian football.

What shape field is gridion played on?

A rectangle ... 360 feet by 160 feet.

What is the shape for a rugby ball?

Oval. A Gilbert football for Rugby Union, a Steeden Football for Rugby League and a Sherrin for Australian Rules Football (AFL).

What is the difference between Australian football and American football?

in American football they where padding gear and helmets and in Aussie rules they don't need too. Also in Australian football they kick the ball and in American football they throw and kick. And American football is way more violent than Australian rules. In Australian football the field is shaped like an oval in American football a rectangle. And in American football the goalpost is a wierd shape in Australian football it is just 4 posts.The rules are different too because American football is about scoring points by adavncing the ball into the endzones in Australian football they kick it between the four posts.Also in Australian football the ball is smaller and rounder than an American football and an American football is bigger and pointed.Also in American football there are loads of penalties.

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Can you shape an Australian coin?

No. Australian coins, with the exception of the 50 cent coin which is 12 sided or dodecagonal, come in the regulation shape of "round".

What was football developed from?

All the modern football games in the world would have originated from various games played in the middle ages, with balls of different shape. Out of these have come sports like Soccer, Rugby, Gaelic Football, Australian Rules Football, American Football and others. Many of these games share similar rules and have obvious similarities.

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